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Cynthia Morgan Opens Up On Her Ordeal With Northside Record Label As Nigerians Plan To Bring Her Back



Nigerians have expressed shock, as well as sympathy, after singer Cynthia Morgan narrated how she lost everything, including her name to Music Executive, Jude Okoye due to a contract she signed with his record label.

Cynthia Morgan who was very popular for her unique style of music in Nigeria, raggae/dancehall, until she suddenly stopped dropping new singles, only to find out she had been sick.

In a recent Instagram live video, Cynthia Morgan joined Ex Miss Globe Nigeria, Cassandra, revealing why she disappeared from the music scene despite becoming a household name.

According to Cynthia Morgan, in 2017, her contract with record label, Northside Inc. owned by Jude Okoye was not renewed. She said she was not happy with the label and left after her contract expired.

Also revealed that she lost the right to use her own name for any other business venture or music and does not own rights to the music she produced while still under Northside Inc, loosing virtually everything. She also said she had been ill for over 6 months and battled depression over the years. She said she would love to return as a solo act, and not under a record label, citing her past experience. However, she said is open to partnerships.

When she was asked why she didn’t open up at that time, Cynthia Morgan who now goes with the name, “Madrina” said wasn’t ready to talk as she believed it was a phase of life she would surmount. She also admitted that some of colleagues in the music industry reached out to her, but she didn’t say anything because it was all centered on work which she wasn’t ready to get back to then.

A GoFundMe has now been created for her to help raise money for her big come back! (Click here).

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